29 September 2016 ~ 0 Comments

The Flip… Before MOJO was even a word.

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Courtesy: Wikipedia

I remember that day… my wife Bernessa and I were heading out to vote! As we walked down the block we noticed an “unusual and rowdy crowd” at our corner elementary school, and most people there seem confused… In my pocket, for some strange geeky journalism 😉 reason… A Flip, remember those?

Today is common to see job opportunities for MMJs (Multi Media Journos) or MOJOs. But before the one-man-bands, our fancy iPhones, and yes -honestly- low paying gigs… there was the Flip!

And here it is, a look at our 2008 and my first MOJO story?!? Either way, I didn’t do it alone, Bernessa helped me shoot and put the “mojo” on this little video that could! In 72 hours the story generated over 50,000 views in YouTube before making it to CNN. All with a Flip Camera! Before MOJO was even a word…

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