09 May 2011 ~ 1 Comment

Webcasting 101

Basic but effective set-up over the wknd while Webcasting a local Mother’s day celebration.

What I used to do with 1/2 million dollar LIVE truck took only one laptop, a  4G wireless connection,  a second laptop for social media and wireless mics… of course it goes without saying… seasoned experience at news gathering plus journalism skills, the right gear  and “nuzgeek” know-how will make a difference and set your product apart  from every other VJ out there.

Sorry about the strange iPod video, it was shot and uploaded at the same time sharing the same wireless connection.

And here’s one of the air-checks from Ustream:

Video streaming by Ustream

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  •  Hi Patrizio! I like this blogging idea. Do you love your iphone as a video tool? do you know if it is better than an android-based phone? i am shopping for the latter bc it’s what my husband has and he’s my tech guy. but most journalists seem to have i phones so i am wondering if that’s better, or just more on-trend….

    hope you are well! good luck with this blog! (fellow knight fellow adrienne)